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Audi Showroom, Piccadilly

With over 100 years of history, endeavour and innovation under their timing belt, Audi continue to set the pace in the showroom as well as on the track. The company continues to surprise and delight aficionados of both design and technical excellence, with the recent opening of their state of the art showroom in Piccadilly, Central London.


Maybe we should not be surprised that a company whose by-line is ‘Vorsprung durck technik’ should produce such a cinematic masterpiece that is the Audi City Digital showroom.

We at Fireglass Direct are very happy to have been involved in this iconic showroom, where car buyers can immerse themselves in high tech, full screen HD images of Audi’s latest creations, capable of being personalised at the touch of a button.
In keeping with their design brief of an open, transparent area, maximising space and vision, we created a clear glass balustrade for the staircase; bridging both levels, allowing the feeling of flow to permeate the building.
Photos courtesy of upcomingvehiclesx and Mr David Neely.