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Isolation Units

Fireglass Direct were commissioned in 2007 by the main contractor on the Royal Victoria Hospital Belfast to join the team working on the Design development of Isolation rooms in Phase 2B.


Fireglass Direct received an initial basic design brief ( L11 560 ) to start the process and from this we came back with a proposal to the team. The team consisted of Health Estates, Hospital Consultants, Architects and the Main Contractor.


After the first collaborative meeting it was evident that this was going to be a long process as the team concept for this room was like nothing tried before. A case study on long term hospitalised patients had proven that 60% of them made a better recovery if they had contact with the outside world through glass and Infection Control required the removal of recesses and projecting ledges, glass also gave the hospital staff full vision of all patients in Isolation and Critical Care.


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The Design Brief
Hospital Infection Control Isolation suite N. Ireland, Ireland, uk
The design brief was now to provide an Isolation room with entrance lobby providing 50 pascals positive pressure and be able to be reversed to achieve 50 pascals negative pressure. The walls were to be full height glass and allow for 25mm deflection, flush glazed to both sides with no recesses or projecting ledges a privacy panel 900mm from finished floor automated interstitial venetian blinds to give tilting options and up down to 2200mm from finished floor and clear to ceiling. Removable glass panels on the outside of the room to provide access for blind maintenance and when removed not to effect the integrity of the room. Automated double doors to lobby and to room with interlock to prevent simultaneous opening a minimum sound reduction of 35db and to maintain the 50 pascals positive and negative pressure. Doors to be programmable to allow various opening options and also to be held open to allow the room to be used as non isolation. Provision is to be left for pressure stabilisers in the over panels from the lobby to the room for the air transfer grilles.

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Mediglaze Was Formed
With this in mind Fireglass Direct set up a division in the company to take this design brief to a conclusion. Mediglaze was formed and the process began with collaborative team meetings almost every month. Whilst our team at the meetings were focused on the actual room we also gained invaluable knowledge into the demands a hospital and its representatives face on a daily basis. This insight drove us to raise the bar to meet the best solution for all parties without compromise. As we were now pioneering a new design all of the components for the Isolation units had to be designed from scratch. This meant we had to research what can and cannot be extruded in aluminium how seals are made and the materials available to make them from and the most important can these with stand purging with hydrogen peroxide.

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Testing and Certification
Isolation suite for Infection control N.Ireland, Ireland, Uk
After more than 2 years design and development Mediglaze achieved B status drawings allowing us to extrude profiles for the building of a full size room to achieve testing and certification. February 2011 this room was finished and passed all testing by Bsria to meet all the requirements set out at the start. Nine world wide patents were applied for and a critical appraisal was carried out by the team. A few minor changes to the aesthics were discussed and approved and Eight number were ordered. The installation of these will be completed by March 2012. The final design is a modular panel room factory built allowing us to achieve the highest standard of manufacture and less on site disturbance. This concept was chosen to allow these rooms to meet the requirements of a refurbishment of a working hospital for minimum on site disruption.

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