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Acoustic Glass

Glazed Partitioning Systems play a big part in the layout and aesthetic appeal of today's modern office fit outs. Not only is a glass finish attractive, with its clean lines, but it also provides visibility and an illusion of space and light. Today's latest glazing options however provide much, much more. If you require  a certain level of privacy, partial obscurity  can be added with use of sandblasting or obscure glass; or confidentiality and quiet can be achieved through the use of acoustic glass - especially useful in a production office or a boardroom.


 Acoustic or sound Insulation is a process in which intensity is reduced when sound waves pass through a medium or strike a surface. Acoustic glass is a laminated glass, with special interlayers to provide a better acoustic insulation performance.


Sound can be transmitted in one of two ways - 


Vibration Transmission - This is the transmission of sound via the connection of different materials to each other i.e. footsteps on a floor.


Airborne Transmission - This is the transmission of sound via Air Molecules hitting each other e.g. when a conversation is taking place. In order for the sound not to carry, a physical barrier must be created between these people and others walking past in a corridor. Such a barrier can be achieved simply by using an insulating material in the wall structure; but why allow this requirement to interrupt the flow of the room and limit the design efforts of your architect? Glass can provide the solution to noise reduction and at the same time add to your vision for the room.


The acoustic performance of a glass or glazing product describes its airborne sound insulation, (type 2 above), as measured by the reduction or attenuation of sound, at specific pitches or frequencies, in decibels (db), or by sound indexes, such as the mean sound reduction index (Rm), the weighted sound reduction index (Rw), or the road traffic sound reduction (Rtra)


Depending on your requirements, different levels of db rating can be achieved for your room or corridor. Laminated glass by itself can achieve ratings up to 39db and if greater ratings are required, systems using multiple glass panes are available. Whatever rating you need to achieve legally for a project, or as a personal preference, we at Fireglass Direct can provide a solution to the issue, whilst retaining the design brief, without having to compromise on the overall visual effect desired.


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